Auto Accident Injury Treatment

Davison Chiropractic: Your Auto Accident Injury Treatment Center in Tualatin

Neck and Back Pain?

Having trouble working without headaches, neck stiffness and arm pain? Trouble with sleeping and normal daily acitvities? These are just a few of the common symptoms related to auto injury. Other common symptoms of injury include:

  • Neck Pain (Whiplash), Back Pain, Nerve pain (i.e. Sciatica, burning, numbness, tingling)
  • Headaches, Fatigue, and Shoulder pain
  • Trouble sleeping/focusing, and more Irritable

At Davison Chiropractic and Massage, we specialize in Personal Injury related to trauma sustained in car accidents. At our facility your treatment would be individualized for your specific injuries and rehabilitation of the spine. The doctors and staff have hours of education related to these specific injuries. We also work with Attorney's and other specialist to provide the Highest Quality Care to protect you and your family!

First and foremost is your protection:

We strive to make sure that your health and injuries will get better. We focus our treatments around your individual needs, we have a network of other physicians and attorney's who work together to make sure you get if we cannot fix your problem, we know someone who can. These physicians have been hand picked over years of practice and are specialists in their respected fields. That way you can just focus your energy on what really matters.

Generally, no.

Injuries sustained even from minor accidents are likely to get worse with time. Most people will try to take medication on their own, and just tough it out, however this just masks the pain which will get worse over the years to come. Many people come in with pain related to injuries years down the road, and the pain, almost always, is worse. Even the medication can numb, or mask the pain, it does nothing to "fix" the problem or injury, and the damage done will just get worse. However if treated immediately then recovery is simple, and you can be pain free!

We are professionals who care. The quicker we address your pain and injuries the sooner they will get better without causing too much damage. At Davison Chiropractic you will get immediate attention for your injuries. After consultation and examination, your injuries will be discussed with you so that you understand what happened. If more extensive testing (x-rays, MRI, ultrasound, etc.) is necessary, we will immediately get those done and explain the results to you.

We specialize our care to you. We use the latest technology and treatment solutions to assist with your healing process. We keep up to date with the research and training to effectively treat your injuries.

We work closely with other healthcare professionals to make you better! We also will work closely with your attorney to protect your rights after an injury by keeping good documentation of your treatment, as well as being an expert witness to your care and case if necessary.

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